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Open Table Conference – Unspoken Sermons

I’d recommend you take the time to listen to the full 40 minutes. It is a taster that will give you an idea of what the two sets of eight week sessions on the Unspoken Sermons will be like. Three friends chatting by Zoom, reflecting on the impact of another dearly loved friend in their lives. One throw away comment really struck home for me, that in the Unspoken Sermons George MacDonald “is moving us along spiritually, not theologically.” Faith is the process of our coming into alignment with what is real and true (God’s love, however, we imagine it). It is a journey into completion and away from our false selves. It is good to be reminded that a disciple is a learner, therefore we don’t have to have all the answers at the outset.

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  • Another little gem was that in the handwritten manuscript of the opening Unspoken Sermon, “The Child in the Midst,” the original title (crossed out) was “The Child in the Mist.” Perhaps that gives an insight into where MacDonald is leading us?

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