Membership of the George MacDonald Society is open to everyone. Whether your interest is academic or popular, you will find a warm welcome at our online and in-person events and vibrant online community. We have simplified our Membership subscription rate to reflect the broad geographical spread of our members and also to make the subscription process easier for you.

You can join the George MacDonald Society (or renew your subscription) online (irrespective of your geographical location) and your subscription will include a paper copy of North Wind, our respected annual academic journal when it is next published. Subscriptions are due annually on the 1st January (if you subscribe after North Wind has been published it will be carried over into the next year).
Cost £15 Sterling (equivalent to approx $20 USD).

Please note that we use the email and postal address that is shown on your Paypal account to contact you (including sending you the North Wind Journal when it is available). It is essential therefore that you advise us if either is incorrect or changes are subsequently required so that we can update our records and ensure we do not lose touch with you.

You can also subscribe by post

£15.00 (from Sterling accounts). Cheques should be made payable to “George MacDonald Society”

$20.00 (from US dollar accounts). Cheques should be made payable to B Gaarden

and send to the address shown on the downloadable subscription form that you can find here.