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Orts is the George MacDonald Society’s occasional newsletter. The word “orts” means scraps, or fragments of food left after a meal and is taken from A Dish of Orts, a collection of essays published during George MacDonald’s lifetime. The newsletter Orts depends upon contributions from its readers, so please send your morsels this way. Orts welcomes submissions: if you wish to share an article, notice, news, or comment, or if you would like to be featured in an article or interview, then please contact the Orts editor, Donna Whatmough Triggs, at gms.orts.editor@gmail.com

North Wind Journal has an academic focus and this is something we value. Orts, on the other hand, is intended to be a more informal channel of communication with our members that, together with Northwind, complements the dual aims of the Society. Receiving the current edition (by email) is one of the benefits of membership of the Society. Previous newsletters can be viewed or downloaded (in pdf format) from our Online Digital Archive.